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Hey again guys,

So I'm doing my first build, I've decided to go with the Intel i7-3770K 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processor, in conjunction with the upcoming ASUS Maximus V Formula mobo, and 16GB of Dominator GT 1.5V DDR3 RAM from Corsair.

Now that I have the basics out of they way, I've moved on to my cooling system. I've decided that liquid cooling is the quietest, most efficient, and best way to cool my system, whereas air would be very noisy, and Peltier systems are getting outdated and dangerous.

The first question I have is about external fan controllers, I originally was going to go with NZXT, but after reading terrible after terrible review, I decided that I should not entrust my new system to any of NZXT's controllers.

I've narrowed it down to the following two models (although, I am open to suggestions):


I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with either of these controllers, and if so, an overall review of its performance. I know a 4-fan controller is low-scale, but I am not entrusting my CPU fan to an external controller, and I think 4 should be adequate for 16GB of ram, an integrated GPU, and two fans for the liquid cooling system's radiator.

The next thing, I am going to need to buy fans as well. Now, I know that the controller I first listed only supports 3-pin fans, and I'm not entirely sure about the second one, but I think it also supports 3-pin connections. 3-pin is fine, I believe that I do not need 4-pin fans for this build.

With that out of the way, I am looking for suggestions of fans to use in my case - reviews that have been used in real-world builds, not "what is expected". I would prefer that my fans include LED's on them so I can identify them easily, and I've also heard that 120mm fans are the way to go because of their low-level noise output, and case adaptation.

I really need help to get this first build right, so any help I can get I will be grateful for!

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  1. If your going to use liquid cooling then please learn more about this cooling system since although the benefits are great, it takes work.

    To my knowledge the CPU fan has to be plugged into the motherboard otherwise you will keep getting a warning about that.

    Fan blade designs are more important than the size of the fan although it also depends on which size case fans your case an accommodate.
  2. I know enough about the liquid cooling system itself, I am only asking about the fans in the rest of the case.

    If the CPU isn't plugged into a fan directly, some motherboards will refuse to start, some will warn you, some will beep, and some will do nothing - and I'm guessing since this motherboard I'm using is of extreme design, that it will do nothing. Either way, I've already established that I'm using a fan directly on the CPU, so that isn't an issue here.

    The only questions I have are what fan controller I should actually use, and what fans are the best for my design?
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