Need Help on my first budget custom pc / low end pc

I'm Planing To Buy my first budget custom pc on this year, but dunno if my idea good or not or they're not compatible with each other :pt1cable: . Need big help from you guys ^.^ Hope you guys can help me out ^.^. My budget is really tight .... this is my max that i can effort hope you guys can help me lower my budget , if this is the best to go with then never mind . Here's what in my mind (Trying to keep this as low as possible)

CPU - I3-3220
Mobo - Asrock z77 extreme4 / Asus P8z68-v lx
R.A.M - Kingstone 8GB Hyper-X DDR3 1600mhz (2x4GB)
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB / Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB
GPU - Sapphire AMD HD 7770 Vapor-X 1GB
PSU - Aerocool Strike-X 500W
Drive - Asus 24x DvD-RW
Case - Aerocool Strike-X One Advance 3.0 USB

What i gonna do with the pc
Usually Gaming i think .... hope can play almost the newest game on the market with medium or higher setting
and internet browsing too ><

wish can get a more cheap mobo >< what i really want on it is
2 or more 3.0 USB
nice heat reduction
fast boot up time if can
Nice cap ... something like gold if can .... because gold looks more nice and more future prof

Monitor haven't buy yet .... maybe planing on 20~24 inch monitor

Over Clock , SLI , Crossfire
not planing to OC it because i don't how to and don't feel safe to over clockl
not planing to crossfire or SLI

might buy a SSD and 2 more Ram after few months and
upgrade the GPU and CPU after 1 or 2 years or i don't have the need to do that
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  1. For better advice, start by listing a firm budget and link a vender. I live in the usa so I use newegg or frys.
  2. You can get a cheaper motherboard. Since you're not overclocking an H77 board would be fine. Don't know where you're buying from, here's a list of H77 boards from newegg:
  3. Thank you guys very much for the Advice ^.^ means i can buy a more cheaper board , unless i want OC it right ??????
  4. Yes, you can get a cheaper H77 motherboard with USB 3.0, SATA III, etc. You won't be able to overclock, but you can't really overclock an i3 anyway.
    If you listed how much you want to spend, people could give you more specific advice on what parts to get.
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