Best card out there for e4500

What is three best cards out there that e4500 would handle?
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  1. PSU?
  2. vp-420-s120 (420W)
  3. Any 6 pin connections for the card.
  4. There are Y spliters included usually, or you can get them as far as I know. I'm not so sure about it
  5. The 7750 is good for low power, but frankly that card is severely gimped by an E4500.

    The strongest card that wouldn't be held back by that processor is about a GT 240 or an HD 6570. DDR5 versions of both cards.
  6. This APPEARS to be your PSU

    Man it was rough finding specs on it, most of the sites are in german.
    If this is it, you have a 20a 12v rail (and also an 18a one, split 12v rails is dumb design, esp for a low wattage PSU). the 20a can handle either of the 240 or the 6570.

    Look on the sticker on the side of your PSU to confirm this though! you should see something like +12v@20a.
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