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I was just trying to find out what the average temperature should be for my parts (while running games like Diablo or LoL)
CPU: 3770k (My temp: 37 C)
GFX Card: Asus GTX 670 2gb OC: 1009MHz (My Temps AVG: 40 C)
RAM: Corsair VengeanceLP (My Temp AVG: 39 C)

Are these Temperatures in the right spot for what I am using the hardware for?
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  1. That's perfect. No worries there dude.
  2. Those temps are Excellent. As long as you can keep your full load temps under about 60C on the CPU and under about 70C on the GPU you will be doing good.
  3. Also the weight of my gpu is making it slant slightly in the back.. is it natural... and i'm going to OC my CPU, what is a good very stable speed
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