Trying to decide between two processors for gaming

I have two processor which i am trying to decide between for gaming. The two processors are:

AMD Quad Core Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3


Intel Core i3-3220 3.30GHz

Which of these are better for gaming. For games like crysis of mw3
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  1. If your games are multi core enabled, the phenom X4 might be better.
    But, very few games use more than 2 cores, so the faster cores of the i3-3220 would be better there.
    Here are two tests which show the cpu performance differences.
    The list includes a X4 980 which is a bit faster than the X4 965
    And a i3-2100 which is slower than the i3-3220.,3120-6.html,3120-10.html
  2. What would be better for playing crysis 2
  3. Quote:
    What would be better for playing crysis 2

    I think crysis 2 is a more gpu dependent game, so the previous results should be applicable.
    Here is one set of benchmarks.,6.html
  4. If it's a short and simple answer you're after, the i3.
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