Gaphics Bottle neck?

Fist off let me thank mactronix in helping out with some research and leading me in the right direction.

OK i think i solved my first question with LOTS of help regarding what i can use in a PCIeX16 ver 1.0 that being i can use a 2.0 not a 2.1 which isn't a problem just puts me in the Nvidia camp which is good. so below i will list my specs and i just need to know at what level of cards will start to be bottle necked due to the ram/cpu i don't have a problem buying a PSU here because i will be able to us it in the future. Also the application looking to be run is mainly D3 but not limited and maybe some FPS and as a side not i am looking to spend around $70ish unless the bottle necked card will be minimal and be able to be used in a future build (Novemerish) i was eyeballing the 6670 but it is 2.1 so i am not completely sure that it will work so i won't even try it. I would like to thank all the people who take there time to read this and all help is greatly appreciated.

Mobo MSI ms 7093 bios 3.9
PCIe X16 1.0
CPU Opteron 148 (Dual core 2.2GHz)
Ram 3 gigs of DDR
PSU Corsair Builder Series 430W
OS Windows 7

Objective is i want to know what PCIe 2.0 cards will bottle neck in my system also which cards are best in the $70ish area in case i choose not to spend on the card now because i will be building new in November.
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  1. Yeah I would buy a cheap card now and save the money for your fucture build. Now some 2.1 cards will work in 1.0 slots. The thing is the MOBO has had to have been upgraded through the softwear.

    Just like you upgrade your bios or your GPU's. The thing to do is if you know someone who has a 2.1 card to plug it in to see if it works or not. But the GT 440, GTS 250, or the GTS 450 would be the cards on the nVidia side.

    The GTS 450 or the 250. If you didn't have the 1.0 slot then I would say the GTX 550 ti but I think it would bottleneck it self for the speed being reduced. So here are the links to the cards.

    The last link is to your 6670. If you can get a 2.1 to work then go for the 6670.
  2. See that is the problem i don't have any 2.1 cards or know anyone with one, in my limited knowledge i am the only person i know that has a computer and i have read the newegg VGA return policy and not exactly sure if i can return it if it doesn't work
  3. At this price range, I always recommend ATI over Nvidia. Try contacting MSI and asking them if the card is compatible. If so, the 6670 would fit perfectly in this build at this price range. If not, I'd say to go for a 450.
  4. Just because you have a better chance using a 2.0 slot in the 1.0 that may still not work. But I have not herd about them not taking a card back because it doesn't work. What if it really doesn't in any slot from any PC? Then what?

    Well it is up to you to go the route you want to take. Only you can make the right decision on what you have to do. You have the facts so anyway you go will be better than where you were. I do wish you good luck on this
  5. I thought about contacting MSI but when i emailed them 2 weeks ago regarding a rebate i still haven't herd from them so? and as far as if the card doesn't work all i can do is my best to do as much research as possible to cover all my bases.
  6. I emailed their sales department so will see how it goes i listed my motherboard along with 3 MSI cards. whats the worst that happens i don't get a response and i am in the same boat as i am now?
  7. Good for you. Lets hope they give you a good responce. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  8. I just got an email for that rebate less than 1 hour ago so i guess they will answer it may take time though with May 15th just around the corner i hope its fast
  9. I hope sooner than later. It looks like you are on a clock that is a bummer.
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