Can a Corsair CX430 V2 run a Visiontek Radeon HD 6870?

Hi my name is Preston and I was wondering if the Corsair Cx430 V2 can power the Visiontek Radeon HD 6870??? I really hope it can.

Other power being used

6 case fans
2 CPU fans
125 watt AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE Processor
NZXT touch Sentry 2 Fan controller
Mobo: Asus M4A87Td Evo
RAM: G-skill Ripjaws X 2gbx2 1333mhz
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 250gb 7200.11 8mb
1 DVD-RW Drive 16x

Thank you for your answers I appreciate them all
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  1. You're cutting it pretty close with the 430.
  2. but will it run it?? most graphics cards power ratings are overrated lol including the 6870
  3. Do you currently have the PSU? If so, it only has 1x 6pin pci-e power connector and the 6870 requires 2 (that can be fixed with adapters but it's not ideal). I believe the 7850 only requires 1 connector and is better (also more expensive) than the 6870. The 6850 also only requires 1. If you're also buying the PSU, then just get the CX500 and the 6870. Hope that helps!
  4. Well just look at this.

    Power consumption at load was 250w, add that to 125W of your CPU, and you get 375W. Not including everything else. Your PSU can only put out 336W @ 12V, maximum. I would get a bigger one.
  5. well I have the PSU installed and my friend is giving me his Radeon hd 6870... I bought a logisy's adapter to make it work. I don't think I'm EVER going to max out the card... gonna play starcraft 2 and skyrim mostly.
  6. I think it's worth trying. If your PSU dies you can always get a new more powerful one. Happy gaming!
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