Best FPS keyboard (after using the Logitech G19)

So I had the G19 for about two years now and its showing signs of wear, and I am thinking of replacing it. What is a good FPS keyboard? Don't need a mouse, got the Mamba 2012. Thinking about the DeathStalker by razer, not the ultimate edition 'coz its WAY too expensive for me (ATM).
THanks for the replys!
Also, off topic, the left and right parts of my Razer Mamba 2012 (the glossy finish, not the mat on the upper side of the mouse) is collecting grease from my fingers, I have to clean it with a tissue or an ear cleaner ones or twice a week to make it look clean, and its quite annoying 'coz you can feel it when you play as your finger rests on it, and if you move it it feels like bumps. Help?
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  1. Personally, I'd get the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth or the Logitech G710+. I really like the mechanical keys though.
  2. The Logitech G110 is great for the price of only £50 (Sorry Americans)
  3. Ive always heard mad catz gear was horrible. I think they make a lot of gimmicky looking stuff, but terrible quality. I highly doubt its mechanical too.
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