Fx 6200 (3.8ghz) vs Phenom 1045T (2.7ghz)

At stock speeds which one pulls ahead in gaming, and would yield higher frames per second? I've heard the phenoms have better architecture and higher IPC (not entirely sure what this means, but I get the feeling its important), but the 6200 is clocked at an entire 1.1ghz ahead of the 1045T.....
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  1. FX-6200 will have the edge, purely due to its speed, even though Bulldozer core isn't as good in single threaded apps as the Phenom II.
  2. Why no overclock I got a friends 6100 up to 4.7 and I have a 1090T ( I know not the same thing) up to 4.2 both of this overclocks are almost a 25% increase in speed.


    PS performance will be almost even stock or overclocked.
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