Built new PC and it won't power up

This is my first time building a PC. I plugged in the power cord to my PSU, flipped the switch from O to I, then pushed the power button on my tower. Nothing.

I took everything apart except for the CPU and the fan (pain in the ass to put together)

Rebuilt if from scratch and still nothing.

Here are my specs, along with some pics

Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-550 550W PSU
8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
AMD Phenom II X4 955 AM3 95W CPU

I've looked through every manual, downloaded manuals from the manufacturer's websites, and browsed the sticky threads here.

I have about 5 fans on my computer, and none of them do a thing when I try to power on. If I lean close I can hear the PSU humming.

Here is a guide to my mobo that I've been using, along with some pics




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  1. check that the mb is not grounding out to the case or the i/o shield. also check that the cpu cooler not shorting the mb out of the back side or the bottom of the case. also check that the 4 pin power that in the photo is plugged in. the mb wont post if it missing. also check that you got all the power plugs on the video card. some have 2 other have one. also check that the case header cables are on right. you could have the hard drive led lugged into the reset pins. would cause the mb to be stuck in reset.
  2. These are the only cables not plugged in. They are attached to the case and I don't know what their function is

  3. Also my PSU has a 4/4 Split cable for the CPU power, however, I'm since it has 2 identical connectors I'm not sure which one to plug in.
  4. on your last photo..there called 4 pin molex connectors..there used for older ide and cd-rom drives..the smaller 4 pin cable is a floppy power connector if you have a older 3.5 inch floppy drive..your photo..number three shows the problem..you did not use the standoffs and your mb is grounding out.
    there are 6 that i can see from the photo where the standoffs should be.
    then there should be six screws that you screw the mb down to the standoffs.
    that large emtyp round whole on the mb is where there should have been a standoff to keep the mb from shorting out.
  5. on some mb they use 8 pins and not 4. so most power supply vendors make a cable that that you can use ether 4 pin on a 4 pin mb like yours or put them together to make a 8 pin power connector.
  6. There are screws and standoffs on each hole. The pic is just a bit dark.
  7. i think the mb is grounding out try taking it out of the case and hook up the vide card and ram and power supply while it siting on top of the mb box.
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