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Unknown lag appears while gaming due to some processes

so it started recently,while playing game i got hudge slowdown to few fps,quickly minimizeing game and saw some processes shuting down from 24 to 22,they shut down fast after i minimize was unable to see procces name ,dissapeared too quickly ,what you suggest ? tryed spybot scan ,no other antivirus now i have....
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  1. If you don't have an anti-virus and your copy of windows is legal, then just go on microsoft's webpage and download microsoft security essentials.
  2. it's kinda illegal i guess... tryed windows process tracking and got this error while atemtep a process trcking with "eventvwr" command ------ unable to complete the operation on security the interface is unknown-------
  3. i think i spoted some wmiprvse.exe process ,tryed windows cmd command
  4. If your copy of Windows is illegal then get a legal one, install it, and see if the problems go away.
  5. LOL yeah sure going to buy a legal windows just right now... never bought and never will. One does not simply buy overpriced pc operating software if non legal olmost complete same can be downlaoded for free... looks like going to upgrade to fresh copy of win 7 ....
  6. deleted some viruses,but yet lag still appears, in gta 4 game,after few minutes of game play and repeats it self like dat... any software for cheking your processes log ???? still some process appears while gaming,too bad it instantly dissapears when minimizing game.
  7. i think i just saw rundll32 in action ,but not sure maybe some other process dissapeared more quickly... any tips why some process takes place whenever i try play gta 4 .... gonna test other games aswelll
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    I am not sure you are really qualified to determine what is overpriced and what isn't. Microsoft employs tens of thousands of people to build their software and those people need to eat, buy clothes, and pay rent. Therefore, Microsoft can't just go giving away all their software for free.

    Either way, we aren't allowed to help people running illegal OSs even if we wanted to.
  9. Tom's Hardware doesn't provide help for non-genuine software.
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