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YOU GUYS! Know ABSOLUTELY anywhere that sells GTX 680's? In STOCK!!?

You guys are the best at this stuff, and I suck @ it. There i said it... I desperately need your help finding a GTX 680 2GB. Preferable EVGA but at this point I don't care as long as it's not ZOTAC. I have, I think 5 days to find one before I am forced to keep my horrid GTX 560 Ti. NOOOO!! WORST comes to WORST, I get the 580 but I want current gen. I am signed up currentyl for auto-notify on NewEgg and that's it. There was once a MSI GTX 680, but that sold out in 5 minutes...

Ya' guys just gotta' find me a GTX 680, any brand (If ZOTAC please still send me it, yet I do not 'love' ZOTAC from previous, encounters.

EDIT: That is where I got my GTX 680 SC+ w/Backplate.
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  2. BigMack70 said:
    In other words OP, you can find them, but if you want one right now, be prepared to overpay for it.

    +1. Seems like tigerdirect is price gouging since they are about the only retailer that has them.
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  4. YESS~~~~ Thank you sooo much kelthic. I spent daaaays trying to find one, and bam.
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