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Radeon HD 5850/Display Error?

So I've had this card for I think 2 years, not the original I owned though. I've been having these issues, and I noticed if I try overclocking (I stopped due to this) my screen glitches repeatedly, but it's only my left monitor.
Onto the REAL problem at hand.

Say I'm playing a game for a couple hours, I'll crash to desktop with no warning, and then pretty much any program I would like to use, will not function properly, and sometimes AT ALL, I use Zune software for media, and that just goes bonkers, Google Chrome also does the same, as well as Steam. I also very rarely hear a click in my headset when it happens, and it usually says Video Drivers have stopped responding, this has happened on NUMEROUS versions of catalyst, not just one version.

I also my old install of windows have MAJOR amounts of blue screens and I took a picture of one, the error was "KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR" Which I believe leads to RAM errors does it not? I have run memory tests and come with no errors.
I have run CPU Tests and come back with no errors, as well as Furmark for my GPU.

So I ask, HAS anyone else had this error, or does anyone have a CLUE what is even wrong?
My furmark ranks without the overclock in place were 2881 approx, and I even ran two separate OC'd Furmarks, no visual glitches while IN test, but outside it was still messed up, higher OC was 2700, below that one was 2900.. -.-
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    first do a chkdsk and follow this on microsoft
  2. I did chkdsk as well, before I reformatted my drive :/ nothing showed up, I'm looking at the description of that error though
  3. So I had a sliver of what that error meant, it could be numerous things, bad sectors and a faulty Graphics Card seem to be most likely the issue though, a while back I couldn't boot up at all so I removed my card, it booted, with the card in it wasn't even making post, but then it spontaneously decided hey I'm gonna work now lol?
    I don't think I'm missing anything else that has been a problem..
  4. since when you overclock the left part is not working as it should then card could have a defect on her time to think for a new one
  5. So I'm most likely right to think it's the Graphics Card that's faulty?
  6. yes if you could try her on another system with same set up you use that will confirm if she is faulty or not
  7. Thanks, once I build my sister her computer I'll test it on that and figure out wth is actually going on, good advice thank you.
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  9. your welcome be around if you need more help
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