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Okay. So I moved into a new appartment this past week and when I went to start up my computer (built back in December of 2011) nothing happened. I pressed the power button repeatedly, tried different sockets, fliped the switch on the back of the psu and still nothing. I figured it might have been a bad power supply so i "borrowed" the psu from a friends computer and still nothing. I even tried to short the pins on the motherboard thinking it might be a bad switch or something like that and still nothing. I have officially ran out of ideas on what could be going on and would very much like some assistance. When I first tried to power up there was no popping, hissing, wizzing, smoking, sparking, or exploding that I could see.

my specs are:
HAF 932 Advanced Case
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard
AMD FX-4100 cpu
16gb Corsair Vengeance RAM
120gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD
WD 1tb green storage drive
MSI 560 ti 2gb twin frozer2 graphics card

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Any beeps? do you have a motherboard speaker plugged in? does plugging in the old psu to a fan then turning it on work? (shorting the pins) take out your gpu and anything unnecessary and try it again (IE, just mobo + 1 stick of ram, thats it)
  2. Yes i have the speaker plugged in and no there is no beeps. Just tried it with with nothing in it and same result. Also confirmed that the power supply works. Still nothing.
  3. check that there nothing shorting the mb. you could have had a screw fall out and it under the mb causing a dead short. sometime the cpu can be bump out of the slot. i would power off and reseat the video card..ram and cpu. also look to see if the mb power led is on and any fault led. also check the cmos battery still in the slot. if it still wont post i would take the mb out of the case and with no ram or video cards see if the mb will beep at you or the cpu fans spin. if nothing happens with two ps you may have cpu or mb that died...i would replace the mb first. also check that if you have the 110/220v red switch it in the right spot.
  4. the best i could suggest would be taking apart your computer and trying the parts in a friend's, that could possibly narrow down your error(s)......
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