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Hey guys, so i have a few questions to do with overclocking my 7970. Now, when i say overclock i have used the catalyst control center to change my speed from 925/1375 to 1125/1575.

With this, i noticed a great boost in FPS in the games i play, and my temperature has not really changed. Ranging from 50-70 degrees (on 45% fan speed).

My question is, i hear alot of people telling me i shouldn't overclock my GPU, but if i can manage the temperature is their a problem with what i am doing. Personally i don't think their is, but i havn't the greatest experience overclocking.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Hey,

    Dont worry, as long as your voltage is not too high, and your temperatures are normal than you will be fine. Overclocking does shorten the lifespan of components by a bit, but it should run for years without any problems. Unless you plan on keeping the same card for 10years+ then I would not worry. Your temps are fine, and judging by your clock speeds your voltage should not be too high, so you should be good to go. If you want, post your voltage and I will check it for you.

    Don't worry, enjoy your overclock!
  2. These results are from GPU shark.

    By my voltage is (VDDC) : 0.850 to 1.170
  3. As for core voltage it is fine(1.17v), I have seen people overclocking the hd7970 with a voltage of 1.2-1.3v (that does not mean that I recommend overclocking using 1.3v+ :P ).
  4. 7970 is great because on most of them you hit 1125/1575 without touching the voltage and by not touching the voltage your card stays cooler.Once you bump voltage it heats up.You will have no problem maintaining 1125/1575.Ive had my card overclocked to 1.3 volts but only for short benchmarks.I would not reccomend going above 1.25 volts for 24/7 useage.Personally i think the 7970 stock clock came out to low it should have been 1000/1500 out of the box.Thats why the difference in performance between that and the gtx 680 seems sort of high.clock for clock there pretty close
  5. 0.850 to 1.170 those are stock voltages your voltage doesnt increase unless you increase it yourself
  6. I have a reference Gigabyte 7970 right now, it's at 1.112V (stock) and 1125/1575 clock speeds. Just wondering should I increase the voltage, because sometimes I have artifacts in Witcher 2, and only in Witcher 2. Will voltage boost fix the problem?
  7. Yes it should
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