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Hi, I was just wondering if there are any programs out there (preferably free) that monitor bandwidth usage over the router from all PCs connected to it? I have used a couple monitors before, but they only tracked the bandwidth on a single computer. I'm basically trying to find out which computer is using the most.

Thanks =)
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  1. My last two routers have included that feature; are you sure yours does not?
  2. @area51reopened: This looks like just what I need, I'll install it and see how it goes. Thanks =)

    @PhilFrisbie: I have a Linksys WRT54GS, I don't recall seeing any such option, but I haven't really looked either. I'll check it out. TY

    Edit: I'm going through the setup right now and it is asking me to select one specific network connection or readings maybe incorrect. I have 1 PC and a PS3 that are wireless and 3 other PCs and a 360 that are all connected via Ethernet, but there is no option for both other than "All Connections" and that includes several others and it wants me to select only 1 option. Which do you think I should choose, All Ethernet, All Wireless or All Connections?

  3. Ok let us know how it goes !
  4. If you're using a Mac you might want to take a look at PeakHour ( It can monitor routers via either SNMP (not all that common) or UPnP (fairly common) and display a real-time graph and total usage in the menu bar.

    Although it doesn't break usage down to show which computer is using what, you can monitor multiple devices with it. This means you could monitor your Internet gateway and wireless access point(s) and this might provide a more granular view.

    If you like, you could install an SNMP daemon on each machine and use it to monitor each one. This would give you the granularity you're after.
  5. There are many software for monitoring bandwidth but the issue is that they all come at a price. If you are only interested in monitoring your bandwidth than you can try SparrowIQ. It can monitor your incoming, outgoing and local traffic upto 30 Mbps!! Thats a lot of bandwidth to monitor.
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