Do I have the power?

hey all so im looking at upgrading my current rig and i want to make sure i have the power.

currently i have a 1000W power supply and once i buy all the things i wanted ill be running
2 GTX 480 (power hungry monsters)
an I7 2600k
120mm fan x6
140mm fan
200mm fan
potentially 2 arctic cooling accel x3 for the 480s
Blu ray drive
card reader
and 1 500gb HD

i already know that the 2 GTX 480 alone are like 450W according to this,2585-15.html
not sure how much it would need if it was SLIed but if not it would leave me around 100W

is this right? if so think i need to upgrade to a large PSU?
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    Thats system power draw, its a bit odd for any GPU to draw 450W by itself although both cards together will draw like 400W-600W, the CPU is 95W, a little more if overclocked, all the fans will draw less than 10W each at full speed, a hard drive will draw 12W, more for higher RPM rated drives, card readers will draw hardly anything, the same goes to the blue-ray drive.

    I would say a 900W or 1000W would do, better to have more power than less available.

    It would draw a total of around 800W i think but i can't be certain.
  2. yes, 1000w is enough
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  4. Super tyvm did not want to buy something else on top of the other card
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