Coolermaster HAF 922 fan led on/off switch broken!

Hi Guys

I recently Purchased a used Coolermater HAF 922 in execllent condition with original fans, however the 200mm megaflow fan at the front does not work when trying to switch the led on/off but still spins up etc , however upon further inspection of the case it turns out there is a 2pin header where the 2nd cable on the fan cable connects to but that the wiring connected to the switch which controls fan led on/off on the top i/o has been cut, not sure wether the seller did this intentionally or just throughout him owning the case?

does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement led on/off switch with cable? as my fan led on/off switch is now useless, also cant seem to find this item on the coolermaster store

any answers/opinions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Just go to Coolermaster website and click on about us and click on contact us, you can figure out the rest.
  2. I bought a new 922 from microcenter and found my switch was broken. I did not see any cut on the wires. It seems the switch is bad. I can get the fan LEDs to work when bridging the connection with a screwdriver, so I know they work. It doesn't look like the top where the switch is located is meant to come off, so I'm kind of writing this off as a loss. Not that worried about it, this case is awesome anyways, and I figure I could run a replacement switch out to the back using a pci slot if I really wanted to. I'm sure radioshack would have many switches to choose from.
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