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I have a question about the Antec 300 Illusion case. Do the case fans use 4 pin (molex) connectors or 3 pin? I have planned to use a fan controller that only supports 3 pin fans, so if the case's fans are 4 pin, that won't work, which makes me concerned. Judging strictly by pictures, the fans use a black molex connector, which would have to plug directly into my power supply?
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  1. 4 pin molex.
  2. I think they plug into the psu via 4 pin molex connectors.
    But, they have 3 speed switches, so you really don't need a fan controller.
    I suggest you defer that until you try the stock setup first.
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    If the Three Hundred Illusion has Tricool product name fans then it's usually powered through Molex which is from the Power Supply.
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