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Hello guys
I have a dell precision 390. I buy a XFX hd 6850 256mb, 1 gb, ddr5. This card required Two 6 pin connector 75w, 75w.

But in system there is only one 6 pin connector. and the system power supply is 375w. but card require 500w power supply. Please help me what can i do.
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  1. HD 6850s should only be having a single PCIe power connector slot. Is yours a OC'd one or so? I'm not sure why this one requires two though...
    You might need to upgrade your power supply in order for that card to run.
    Here's one for $50 after mail in rebate.

    Corsair CX500

    It's got 2X6 pin PCIe power connectors, and should be enough to run that HD 6850.
  2. Thank You So much. I got it yesterday.
    Now a little problem there i install a game SHADOW HARVEST. the game installed completely. When i click on Game run run exe . The shown an error. There is no PhysX.
    Please help what can i do now.
  3. Did you install PhysX on your AMD card?
    Check here
  4. But how can i download physX from nvidia site. Please tell me.
  5. Thank you so much.
    Now a little more help please. In my system i have direct X 10. I want download free direct X 11 setup through net.
    Please help me from where i can Download direct X 11 Setup Please.
  6. You can download it from microsoft's website.
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