Hi all! I have yet to get an exact answer to this question for this machine:I am wanting to upgrade the CPU in my Emachines ET1810-01...it's been upgraded to 4GB RAM, and runs on Windows 7. WHICH INTEL/PENTIUM CPU WOULD BE THE BEST, WHICH ONES MATCH THIS COMPUTER? HELP! Thank you....
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  1. E machines provides no upgrade support; hard to say what cpu would work. I suggest you leave it alone until you replace the system; if you change motherboards, you won't be able to re-activate windows, unless you have already upgraded to a separate copy with coa. E machines aren't designed for upgrading; even the power supply is barely adequate. I wouldn't do it. If you aren't happy with it, try selling it on craigslist or ebay, and buy a new system now with $15 upgrade for windows 8. At frys stores, those systems start at around $230.
  2. Thanks man...the thing is, I've seen it done, i.e. in other web-site forums and in a couple of other threads here. The recommended CPU is the Pentium "e" series (8600's) which **seems to be discontinued** But at the time of those posts --a couple of them well over a year and a half ago-- people have remarked that there were "no problems" after installing them. I DO like my emachines with it's current upgrades in RAM and OS, but I can't believe there's no compatible CPU that it can be upgraded to...don't want to sell it, and I've seen Windows 8, and not interested. I swear I'm not being an ass, I just know this thing can be upgraded CPU wise...somebody help! :pt1cable:
  3. I would look on eBay for that type of cpu...
  4. Yeah...I've found many of the e series, 8400's, 8500's...I'm interested in the e8600, and there's a few on e-bay. Thanks..I've heard these CPU's will perform perfectly on the eMachines 1810-01
  5. It's got an LGA775 socket, so in theory it should support any of the Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quads. But if you know someone has got a E8000 series to work, that's a safer bet.

    The old CPU is a very low end one, so they may not have included a cooler good enough for a faster processor. At the very least, you will need some new thermal paste to reuse the old cooler, but I would probably just get a new cooler.
  6. When you say "cooler", what exactly do you mean?
  7. CPU heatsink and fan = CPU cooler.
  8. Gotcha, and thank you man...well, I've yet to hear of any issues with the existing "cooler" when the cpu is upgraded with this emachine...and trust me, I've done my research! It appears that as long as one cleans off the old grease, and re-applies new thermal grease with the new cpu...bingo, no problems. So in conclusion, and all-in-all, it looks like the Pentium e8000 series is the way to go...again, i've seen posts about BIOS issues initially, etc. but that was before the install; there appears to be no issue whatsoever in that regard. If anyone has any additional info, it would be much appreciated!
  9. Ok, well I upgraded my Emachine et810-01 with a Intel Duo Core e8500 CPU, 3.16GHZ and I couldn't be happier! I used the stock heatsink (to my surprise, is a Cool Master!). Cleaned it and the stock CPU with a couple of coffee filters and rubbing alcohol, which does a great job, and used Artic 5 Silver thermal paste. The specs and performance are outstanding, in terms of processing, and cooling...I downloaded the Intel CPU test software and this CPU passes with flying colors. Anyway, I even took off the Intel Celeron and Windows Vista (and the huge E machines sticker on side) because they no longer apply. Looking forward to upgrading the graphics card and PSU next... :kaola:
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