Radeon 7850: Club3D or Gigabyte

I'm about to buy a Radeon 7850, and I have two options available, either the Club3D or Gigabyte. Club3D is cheaper, but I don't know anything about the brand and I can't find many reviews either. Can anyone tell me whether the Club3D is ok, or should I spend a bit extra for the Gigabyte?
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  1. How much is the difference? Gigabyte cards might be worth the price because when buying Club3d card you might struggle when something goes wrong...
  2. The difference is about R150 (local currency), or $20. Warranties and RMA is what I was worried about more than actual card quality. Is Club3D generally bad then?
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    Well I don't know much about Club3D, they are maybe good too, but since there is lack of information about them, better go safe and pick up the gigabyte one, $20 can be worth it.
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