Optimun set up/not too expensive upgrades for CAD work station?

Hi all, I need to get my workstation running faster, I use a number of CAD/CAM and scan data programs.

Alphacam 2012 sp1
Geomagic 2010
Rhino 2010
Polygon editing tool
Solid works

My work station consists of :-

64-bit Op
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz

Running Windows Vista business SP2
Graphics Card PNY technologies NVIDIA GeFORCE 7 7300GS 256mb ddr2
I have 2 monitors set up.

Basically I am having problems when dealing with large 3D scan data in the form of an STL, lots of crashing and extreme slow running.
Any tips or advice will be very welcome, although I am not very up to date with the computer tech so go easy on me :p


Steve N
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  1. you can read right answer here:

    but, if you want to not pay anything for better performance(this really helps) - use this:
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