Enable hyperthreading in i5 3550

is it possible to enable hyperthreading in i5 3550? how?
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  1. No. It's not built in. Only the i7's and i3's have hyperthreading.
  2. Yep. It's kinda hard to enable something that is not there.
  3. how much will it affect on performance?
  4. Games... 0%... actually HT on average decreases performance by 1% - 2%.

    For programs designed to use HT, it depends on how well it is implemented. It can vary anywhere between 10% - 40%.
  5. can you give example of that kind of application that uses hyper theadeing extensively?
  6. Programs that can use HT if it has been designed to do so.

    Video encoding, 3D Rendering, image processing (i.e. photoshop), massive databases, financial and scientific modelling, file compression programs.
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