New mobo & cpu advice

Currently, I have the following:
Supermicro c2sea mobo
IntelCore Duo 1.8Ghz
4Gb ram (2x2 ddr3)
Zotac GeForce 9600 512Mb

Linux Mint 12

The mobo claims 8 gigs, but after trying several brands, I can only get it to take 4.
Also, I'd like to use the hdmi out on my video card to go to my flat screen w/audio. But the card I have needs the spdif jumpered to the mobo, which apparently does not have a header for it.

So, I'm thinking about upgrading to:
ECS IC780M-A2 mobo $45
AMD Phenom II X6 1045T $97
G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 1333 $68
Total $210

I'm just starting to mess around with virtualbox, which seems pretty sluggish on my current system. Would this upgrade help? A lot?

Not sure how much difference there is between the core2duo & the Phenom 2 x6, sounds like there should be a lot? I'm pretty sure the memory increase should definitely have an effect for the better...
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    If you're only running 1VM at a time, get 8GB. The Phenom x6 will be a big upgrade. But, get a better mobo. Spend a bit more for more features.
  2. Thanks, yes just 1 vm at a time (for now).
    What kind of features on the mobo?
    The ECS seems to have everything I'd want - up to 32 Gb, 4 sata ports & 1 pata, onboard audio & network, but no video, which I like.
    Anything else I should look for?
  3. ECS is known as a cheap brand and they cut corners. For $45, you will not get a great board.
    I'd get this board:
    If that's out of budget:
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  5. That's a pretty nice board, only $25 more. I'll have to consider that...
  6. Just looking at fans any idea if the fan from my core 2 duo will work with the phenom? It's only a few months old, I think it's a coolermaster in the $30 range...
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