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USB or PCI Wireless Adapter?

Last response: in Systems
June 15, 2012 1:10:47 PM

Hey guys,
I have read through threads of the same name but believe my situation is unique to others. On my MB I have 2 PCIe slots and 2 PCI slots. The top slot is a PCIe x4, the next two are PCI and the bottom is PCIe x16. In the bottom PCIe slot I have my graphics card which has a large heat sink causing no access to the PCI slot directly above it. In the top PCIe slot I have my firewire card which is used for my external sound card. I recently was forced to make the switch from wired to wireless internet so I picked up a PCI Wireless Adapter which I have placed in the PCI slot under the Firewire card (since the other one is blocked by the graphics card). Ever since then, I have had an issue of my audio crackling every minute or so when I have the internet activated. Is this because the PCI wireless adapter somehow 'interrupts' the PCIe firewire card above it? Is there something I can do about this problem or should I trade in my PCI Wireless adapter for a USB Wireless adapter?

Is USB essentially the same thing as PCI in terms of speed and range? The router is in the same room as my computer if that helps.

I hope someone can help.

June 15, 2012 3:20:46 PM

I'm using a USB wireless adapter and It's about 20 feet away from the modem without any problems of receiving signal or speed. It was about $20 and a very good investment. Someone else was having the same problem with a PCI wireless card and audio but unlike him, you don't have the option to shift the PCI card down.
June 15, 2012 3:36:51 PM

I've had a great luck on wireless N USB dongles. They work great. Go to NewEgg and start reading reviews. Get one with a decent sized antennae.