Pc cabinet and psu

what is the best pc cabinet budget around 70$-90$ as less possible to fit in the budget.

features wanted
future proof, room for upgrade
cable management
dust filter
efficient cooling capacity for high end gpu (single card)
compatible with i5-3550 proccy and h77 gigabyte ds3h mobo
usb 3
audio/microphone in i/o panel (optional)

some of choosen cabinet
corsair carbide 400r
nzxt source 220
nzxt vulcan
nzxt lexa

recommend a good psu with above rig + amd 7800 series gpu. how much wattage will be i needed? by the way using a 22"led full hd monitor
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  1. PC cabinet? I'm gonna go ahead and presume you mean a case.

    Get a NZXT Gamma Classic, and one extra each of a 120mm fan and a 140mm, for front intake and top exhaust - it's gonna be cheap, and have better cooling than any comparable case. (Though you'll have to make or buy a dust filter for the intake.)

    As for the PSU, I'd get a Corsair HX-650.
  2. CM 690 II Advanced.

    I'd get a quality 650W assuming you want a good "high" end GPU.
  3. how much is gamma priced?

    will i need 650W to run this machine?
  4. @amuffin I am planing to get an amd raedon 7870 will it need 650W?
  5. You can get away with a 500/550W PSU, just make sure it has the appropriate amount of PCIE connectors.
  6. ^^ how many pci connector will be i needed at most?

    @darksabe looks like gamma dont have usb3 ports too. do you have any other sugetions?
  7. 2.

    Will you be using any USB 3.0 devices?

    You know you can always plug them into the board.
  8. not now. but i am looking for usb3 for future compatibilty. front panel would be so convenient.
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