No beep, monitor, HDD starts up, not CPU power problem.

Hello everyone.

Today I have made up my mind to change my CPU ( I wanna play Planetside 2 at 60 FPS )

So in a last attempt at saving money I overclocked my AMD Phenom 975 from 3.6 to 4.0. Though it did not go well.

I had already overclocked that CPU to 4.0 on another motherboard so I knew it could reach it, however the motherboad I am using right now is a Gigabyte 970-A and in the BIOS it had an option which I did not recognize ( Can`t remember the name but it had something to do with clock multiplicator ) so technically it looked like I had 2 options to set the clock multiplicators.

After I had OC`d it to 4.0 I restarted my computer and then all went wrong, it turned back on and only the fans and hard drive were giving signs of life so basically that thread

But it was working a second before the restart so it can`t have anything to do with my CPU not being plugged in correctly. I did it anyway, disassembled my entire computer and tried spare parts to try to identify the problem.

I tried another power supply and cpu, both of them did not work ( I had reseted the CMOS before placing the other CPU to make sure the overclocks somehow didn't transfer to that CPU) still did not work ( The CPU worked before my I placed it in my computer but after attempting to boot my computer with that CPU it now does not work in the computer it was in before, weird ?). After attempts at starting my computer with the 2 CPUs, I tried with another PSU to no avail. New PSU did not work with either CPUs.

So my guess is, either the PSU fried both my CPUs or the motherboard is all screwed up, though how come it was working fine just before the overclock and after it now does not work, did my overclock also fry my PSU ?

Basically what I am asking, there's probably no way my computer will work right now something is probably blown to all shits and I have no idea what, I just want to know which part I have to change.
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  1. knightdog56 said:

    Did it, in the order they said, nothing. As it was working a second before I am rather sure it is not a dusty slot or anything else, the CPU overclock did it, but I am not sure if only the CPU is malfunctioning, hell maybe the cpu is fine.

    There's just no way to tell....
  2. Also just to be clear, in all other threads I have checked they always say to check the damn power slots on the mobos are plugged in, yes they are, the giant 24slot one and the 8 pin one for the cpu.

    The CPU also heats up if I keep the computer in this condition for a 5-10 minutes period as I burned myself when I was removing the CPU fan to check if any of the cpu pins were broken.

    I just want a damn beep out of it, anything, anything to pinpoint the problem, at this point it is either the PSU, motherboard or CPU, a faulty overclock could have fried the CPU but how come it still does not work with another CPU and that CPU no longer works in the computer it used to be in before I put it in my computer ? Did my PSU kill it ? I can't afford to be wasting money on CPU's just to check.... I do have a spare PSU lying around but it only has a 4 pin connector for the CPU not 8. If it would be the PSU what would go wrong ? All fans are spinning but usually that doesn't mean the PSU is OK, power LED on the front of my also lights up and as I said before, CPU heats up too.

    I have tried removing all ram to see if it would yell at me, no luck, no beep. I JUST WANT A BEEP. Could it be my motherboard, how can I tell ? Without wasting money on a new PSU just to get another PSU that has 2x4pins for the CPU if the problem is not the PSU itself.... I also live in a really tech deprived place called Quebec, finding a computer shop around here is like trying to find a football (not soccer) stadium in France, there is none I could find in a 150km radius...... The only way for me to get computer parts is to order them online, that's it.
  3. really sound like burned mobo.... (It also fried the second processor if I'm not miss read above)

    I'm sorry but it tough luck....

    The only way i can think out is try disassemble everything and do a bread boarding test....

    btw could u share an info about your O.C method....
  4. Well good news, I got everything to work now, I bought a new CPU and power supply (I found a computer shop like 40km away)

    I also upgraded in the process, better CPU and PSU and also liquid cooling.

    The person at the shop was very kind and let me work on my computer myself with the POST card and everything and we figured the PSU was fine but the CPU had fried, though the PSU was not strong enough for my computer so I bought a new one along with good cooling to keep my cpu cold.

    Thanks all, was hoping for a do-it-myself kinda thing but it's really impossible without extra parts lying around and a POST card.
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