Which processor to choose for my 2nd build

i am building my second computer my first was an amd a4 apu computer with an msi mobo 4gb ram and 1tb hard drive. now i cant choose for my 2nd pc im having a meltdown my range is 1200 on amazon.com ONLY. my first thought was to build an amd cpmputer with 8150 cpu asus mobo ssd hdd odd gtx 660 or amd 6850 and with the intel i couldnt devide ivy bridge or sandy bridge ivy bridge works with pci 3.0 but gets hot when overclocked which i will do a minor oc with the stock cpu fan. but then i heard i7 or i5 sandy bridge runs wayyyyy cooler but no pci 3.0 support so i cant use a high end gpu like the gtx 660 but my main purpose is i want performance!! and lots of it 1200 i want my pc to be zeus for at least 4 years or so. btw the 1200 also includes a monitor.so basically 1000 all for commputer with an ssd and hdd and a high end gpu like the 660 please help!!!
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  1. Learn to express your thoughts to higher standards of written english and perhaps you will get a better response.

    But you should just go look at the new build advice forum and view other people's requests for builds.

    To answer your question, you should go with an ivy bridge setup. Pretty much every build recommended goes with that.

    Even though it runs hotter, it runs faster. So who cares that you can't overclock past stock as much. At the end of the day it processes faster. Who are you trying to impress. It's not a turd polishing contest.

    That being said, for games, the most important choice is your budget for a GPU. And for that you should just review the monthly article on best gaming Video card for your buck
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