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My Pavilion desktop PC won't power up. The green light on the back of the box is flashing, I see a fan spinning inside, no computing activity though. This model does not have a power selector switch (110v/220v) on the back of the box like other HPs, so I can't reset the thing like many others have done. Any ideas? Thank you all.
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  1. No BIOS beeps to denote hardware failure? Could be a faulty PSU, but the only way to put that possibility to the test without specialist testing equipment is to fit a new PSU (or get someone to do it for you if you are unfamiliar with the job).

    If the existing PSU is the same one it's had since new, take the opportunity to fit a more powerful one (a higher wattage output). Factory-fitted PSUs are typically very basic with an output wattage just sufficient for the factory fitted components.

    This means they are always working "flat out" to power everything, with nothing in reserve, so they are more likely to fail than a more powerful one.
  2. The system does not even attempt to boot. The power button on top of box and the green light back by the power cord are flashing, and the running fans -- these are the only signs that power's getting in. The monitor works fine. One more detail: this problem appeared after I unplugged the PC/monitor to remove the surge protector and associated cables. Upon attempting to power up again, the PC started acting up as described, PLUS my 2wire internet gateway (plugged in the same outlet) became failed to boot as well.
  3. Try plugging PC into different outlet ?

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until the system posts. Any of your parts (harddrive, video card, memory, MB, etc. could have failed, as could the power supply.

    Start by removing all external wires. Keyboard, mouse, video etc. Now try booting? Probably failed again. Unplug, open case remove video card and any other PCI card. Plug back in and boot -- does it start beeping? No, fail. Power off, remove memory, power on, boot -- does it start beeping? No, fail. Remove the signal and pwoer cables from the disks and optical drives. Boot? No, fail. Eventually you end up finding the failed part or you end up with just the MB, Power supply (PSU) and CPU. If it still won't beep (post) tehn replace the power supply.
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