Will this Power Supply run GTX 550 TI?

Can someone confirm it? I am worried that she might blow the component's of the computer I gave her

it's a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500 watt , My Cousin bought the gpu without knowing if the power supply will run it .
well, the power supply powered the 9800 GT 512mb OC edition from gigabyte ...
and + I am guessing the GTX 550 ti will run just fine on idle & Full load, Another I remember I created a thread that someone said that a 560gtx will run on that particular PSU without any problem's ,

this is her gtx 550 ti

note: I am aware that the PSU isn't the best nor good... :??:

thank you in advance :)
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    here you check the review>
    looking over the review conclusion you see that it can deliver the labelled 500w, so yes you are ok, even if that psu will work at bad efficiency and high noise levels, it does the job... and it is more than enough for a 550 ti...
  2. Yep 500W cooler master psu it will power up your 550ti.. I used it with a 400W Cooler Master PSU before.. Like ricardois said it has 70% efficiency, and fan is noisy.. But your psu will do the job..
  3. thank you very much for the confirmation :D!!!
  4. Yep, have fun!
  5. indeed we will, we gonna team up @ battlefield 3 :D!!! can't wait!!! downloading latest driver's as of now ;)
  6. it's alive! lol!!! :lol: we gonna kick some a#$ @ BF3 now, everything is set on high @ 1400x900 without anti-aliasing :D

    god... can't wait for 600 series (that is after the price is reduce lol)... I am still using a gts 250 lol...

    thank you everyone for the confirmation!!!! :love:
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  8. Please note that this CM PSU was only recommended for temporary use, until you can replace it with a quality unit. Under heavy load (which fortunately you should not have), it produces a lot of ripple and noise, which can cause instability and/or possibly damage attached equipment.
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