I3 sandybridge acer all in one

ok so my problem is this... i have an acer i3 all in one (specs later in post)

well it was bought from a pawn shop and had a virus on it, so i factory restored it... now it starts giving me issues about how my graphics card is not supported (pretty much every game does it, including WoW) only thing is that it DIDNT do this before i restored it, same story with skyrim, fable 3, etc... if anyone knows why it is doing this now please help me out

PS could having a 32g flash for pagefile have done anything?


64 bit

name- intel core i3 2120
code name- sandy bridge
max tdp- 65w
socket 1155 LGA
core voltage - ~.984V (fluctuates)
family- 6
ext family-6
ext model-2a
stepping- 7
revision- d2
Instructions- MMX SSE (1, 2, 3, 3s, 4.1, 4.2) em64t, vt-x, avx

(clocks [core #0])
core speed- ~1596mhz (fluctuates)
multiplier- x16
bus speed- 99.75 mhz

L1 data-2x32 kb, 8 way x2
L1 Inst.-2x32kb, 8 way x2
level 2- 2x256kb, 8 way x2
level 3- 3mb, 12 way

(cores 2 threads 4)


manufacturer- Acer
Model- Aspire z5771
Chipset- intel sandy bridge (Rev. 09)
Southboard- intel h61 (rev b3)

brand- American Megatrends inc.
version- p01-a0
date- 08/26/2011

size-4096 mb
channels #- Dual

dram freq- ~665.3mhz
fsb : dram- 1:5
cas #latency(cl)- 9 clocks
RAS# to CAS# dely (trcd)- 9 clocks
RAS# precharge - 9 clocks
cycle rate(tRas)- 24 clocks
command rate (CR)- 1T


name- intel hd graphics 1000 (gt1)
code name- Sandy Bridge
revision- 9
Technology- 32nm


core 850 mhz


(graphics card)

name- standard VGA graphics adapter
gpu- gt2
tech.- 32nm
die size- 66mm (squared)
release date-jan 5 2011
bios version- 2104 PC 14.34 01/18/2011 17:43:57
device id- 8086-0102
subvendor- Acer (1025)
ROPs- 2
bus interface- PCI
shaders- 12 unified
direct x- 10.1/ SM4.1
memory type- DDR3
driver version-VGA 6.1.7600.16385/ win7 64 bit
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  1. download video drivers from intel, update direct x
  2. alvine said:
    download video drivers from intel, update direct x

    thats what iv been trying to do... do you know what i would be looking for to find the correct drivers... because it says i have my video driver
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