New build is not booting... Help please!!!

Recently I bought a used computer. It will not boot. I have tested all the components and all worked fine. Except the motherboard. And then I bought another motherboard, but it still wont boot. also the psu did work on the other computer but it did not require that much power. When I start the computer, the lights are blinking. I can hear a ticking noise from the psu too ( no ticking on other computer). And no parts in the computer get hot. Not even the cpu without heatsink. Also the harddisk is not running. When the psu is powering the other computer there is no weird sound. I get no beeps from the mini speaker, but I get a sound like the sound from the psu.

Chassis: NZXT lexa s
PSU: ocz gsx 700
Motherboard (old): ASRock 870 extreme3
Motherboard (new): Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5
CPU: Amd phenom ii 1055t 6 core
graphics card: Sapphire radeon hd 5850 extreme
ram: 4gb stock
harddisk: 500gb
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More about build booting please
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    would not take a chance to blow something on the system try another psu for safety
  2. We have a troubleshooting checklist that was designed to troubleshoot this type of problem. Perform all the steps in the checklist and let us know how it goes. There's a link to the checklist in my signature.
  3. still doesent work :(
  4. did you test the cpu since the first board was not working this one could be also defective
  5. Yes the cpu is tested. But as i can see the only things that can be damaged is the psu and the motherboard. But the man I bought it from promised that the motherboard was perfect working.
  6. then bring everything back to him and ask to see it work in front of you or ask him to refund your money back
  7. What RAM have you got? You're not trying to boot a with DDR2 RAM or something silly are you?
  8. make sure cpu fan is plugged in. most wont boot without an operational cpu fan.
  9. I am using stock ddr3 ram, and i am sure that my motherboard supports my ram. My cpu fan is plugged in. But my fan connector on motherboard is 4 pins and the cpu fan connector is 3 pins. Could that be a problem?
  10. the 3 pins fan wont be pwn control by the motherboard try to move it to the other pin on this connector also this board need the 24 pins psu connector and the 8 pins one,then see page 16 of user manual for the memory configuration since this is a dual channel. i would suggest you to get a 4 pins cpu fan.
  11. So you think that if I buy a new 4pin fan it will work?
  12. it wil help to control the temp on the cpu ,test that psu to make shure it give power to the board,did you do the check list from the forum
  13. I have tested the psu. Is works with another computer. I don't see how I can test it in another way. yes I have checked the list.
    I don't know if it helps but the cooler is called Scythe infinity.
  14. since this fan is a 3 pins and your board is 4 pins did you try to move it from one pin on the board connector also check the ram on another system if you could and do a memtest to each stick,but if nothing work you will have to take it back to the seller
  15. I borrowed the memory sticks from a friend. He say that he is sure that they all work. I have tried to test it with only 1 stick at the time,and in all the memory slots. I havent tried to move the connector, but the fan is running. Could it work if I move the connector?
  16. Fans won't stop your PC from booting. a lot of fans use 3-pins instead of 4-pins, so don't worry about that.. As long as you can see the fan run when the pc will boot.

    If you tested all of your components (CPU, GPU, RAM and PSU). It must be your Motherboard. You should go back to the shop, and tell them they're both broken. If they say they aren't, they should be able to show you. If they show them all working, it must be one of your other components.

    But troubleshoot your motherboard first!

    btw, did you attach the motherboard correctly, and didn't you forget the standoffs!
  17. Hey. I tried another psu on this build and now it works. I guess is has been damaged so it cant take that much power anymore. But thanks for the help everyone! :)
  18. was suggest in the first answer
  19. yes but I was unable to try with another psu before now :)
  20. so glad everything work come back if you need morew help
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