Why does my computer keep turning itself on?

I dont have any scheduled tasks and the bios doesnt have anything to turn the PC on. If I turn the PC off it turns itself on after 10-15minutes.

What should I check I use XP Professional.

And no my house is not haunted nor is the computer (Athlon XP 1700+, KT266A baby) possessed!

"dude your getting a dell", is that kid trying to say he wants to stick his 'dell' in you?
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  1. This may be a dumb question, but are you actually "Shutting Down" or hibernating? I think there are some interesting settings under Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Power Options ... look in there to see if there is anything set in an odd config.

  2. Do you have WOL enabled?

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  3. my dad's Emachines 500 celeron has that problem

    i would select it to turn off through shutdown menu, it would go through the sequence, beep 3 times then shut off.
    (i hear the computer humming)............. (turns on again) what the hell! (unplug from behind) lets see you turn on now haha!

    Windows has started.
    Would you like to play another game?
  4. I had the same problem but it turned back on right away.

    I flashed ( this happen 4 months ago) bios and that fix it.

    4 days ago i flashed new bios( had new troubles) and now it turns itself back on again upon shutdown just like before. so i did a clean install fsdk /format all went but it stops at setup!!


    Please see my other post (most recent) i need help!


    i'm on webtvfor 4 days trying to get help(see my other post)

    I'm at tech-dee@webtv.net if anyone has any suggestions,I NEED MY PC BACK!


    " Soon My Friend , Soon...."
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