ZTE H220N port forwarding / firewall issue

Hello community!

I have a ZTE H220N modem/router and I have some issue's with opening a port.
Please check out the following the screenshot to see the steps I took in order to try to port forward:


I've also unabled uPnP just to get it over with but even that didn't work. I've used several open port scanners but the port stays closed. So my last option was to disable the firewall entirely or atleast lower the security from high to medium/low or off but my ISP locked the firewall so I can't adjust it.

Here's the screenshot of it: http://i55.tinypic.com/ngrc6b.jpg

I've contacted both parties. My ISP told me that they don't have any email or telephone support for port forwarding so I had to contact ZTE. And ZTE tells me that I need to contact my provider. So I'm pretty much stuck in the middle.

If anyone has any ideas in order to open the port, turn my firewall off or anything like that please let me know.

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  1. the port forward on your router looks right and do not think it is a router issue but rather a computer firewall issue.

    have you turned off your computer's firewall or opened the port on your computer's firewall?
  2. Hello there!

    I've turned off the windows firewall.

    Check the following screenshot:


    And I use COMODO firewall but I've just closed the program so that it isn't active anymore and the port is still not open.
  3. have you tried putting your computer into the DMZ for testing?

    the DMZ should put you outside your routers firewall, and will ignore all security and port forwarding settings.

    I would enable Comodo, since you are connected directly to the internet, and open the required ports in Comodo
  4. Thanks a lot for your help man, I appreciate it a lot. I've heard about DMZ but I've never set something up like that. I'm going to google on this subject to see how I can make this happen. The reason way I totally disabled Comodo was just to test and see if that program had something to do with it, but this was not that case it seems. I hope I'll find out how to set it up DMZ. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  5. just go to the DMZ tab and enter your computers static IP
  6. Alright, I found it. I enabled it and entered the IP After that I tried using the application and it still gives me an authentication issue which indicates that the problem still occurs.

    I'm using the following 2 websites to check for open ports:


    I still get a timeout / port is closed message.

  7. what program are you using that requires port 32500?

    it seems the problem is with your computer's firewall
  8. I'm using a game named "Darkfall" that requires port 32500 to be open. I just checked on my other computer if it had the same issue and it did. That computer has Windows XP with only zone alarm which I disabled but the port check still said that the port was closed. I changed the DMZ IP address and also the port forward to the IP address of that computer :) Do you know DMZ and uPnP and/or port forwarding have interference with each other so that it blocks one another or something like that? I'm running out of options :(
  9. once the computer is in the DMZ none of the settings in the router should effect it
  10. http://i54.tinypic.com/23vgsyh.jpg

    That's what I pretty much did, not much to go wrong with. Is there anyway other way I can find out what where it goes wrong?
  11. It's been 3 days since the last reply so I thought I'd bump it which I usually never do :) The problem isn't fixed yet.
  12. Last chance hehe :) Then I atleast tried asking others :P
  13. i have the same issues, any solutions yet

    ports on pc are open, only router keeps everything closed
    any help welcom.
    i cannot get itunes remote to work because of being unable to open the port
  14. Hi Michi370,

    Sorry for the late reply but I haven't been able to find a solution to the problem.
    I'm switching ISP to bypass this problem. They basicly just locked down everything in the router firmware.

  15. i've talked with support of my ISP,
    and they sent me a new modem.
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