Just looking for some advice

im up to a new build and i just need some advice choseing my psu

cpu: core i5 3570k (OC)

cpu cooler:NH14 twice the size of my head :pfff:


mobo:msi z77-GD65

ram:8gb low profile from corsair

HDD/ssd:well i can get a ssd 64gb or onther wd 500gb blue to raid with the one i have ?

case:NZXT SWITCH 810 just coz it is haf x with out the retarded cpu cut :P

all i need is a psu im ocing the cpu and the gpu

edit: about the mobos Maximus V GENE or the GD-65 ?
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  1. You haven't told us your uses, future plans, budget or anything, so really can't recommend a graphics card or psu. If you plan to add another video card, then that affects what psu and mobo you choose.

    Precisely why you should fill out the new build form in the new build section.
  2. Buy a Corsair 750 Watt
  3. i need a psu around 100$ and yes ill sli if needed
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    Use something like this to calculate the necessary PSU wattage :

    Then add about 20% for safety margin. Stick with Quality PSU providers such as Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, OCZ... and check to make sure that the PSU you chose has enough connectors for your use.

    Stay far away from the el-cheapo brands. $20 bucks for A 650W PSU is a good indication of an el-cheapo PSU. Most of those will barely work at half of their rated wattage and they often don't include the more recent connectors needed for your components.
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