Video lag while playing games

I can play for a while and after about 30 mins i get video lag and the sound starts to studder i dont re installs and everything it started when i installed new gpu card and 8 more gigs of ram, but i find it hard to think thats the issue im leaning towards the mobo or the hdd but its driving me nuts. I hope someone has seen this beforee i read somewhere it has something to do with a windows 7 update. Please help
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  1. Specs posted in profile
  2. Is windows 7 fully up to date? I haven't noticed anything
    To test that do SFC /scannow in Command console
    If it's still happening after that, test your RAM, remove one, if it still happens switch it to another slot, still, try the other stick.

    Even if these don't work we're eliminating possible causes.

    Edit: Also can you clear up your System Specs? They aren't very accurate, specifically I'd like to know what Motherboard you have to verify compatability.
  3. Check the card temperatures, we've had this before when a poster installed a new card and had a similar problem, it turned out the cards cooling fan was faulty.
    For a quick check, use GPUZ, it's free and does not require an install.
    Also check the CPU temperatures as well, something like RealTemp or Speedfan will do nicely.
    Oh, yes, take out the new RAM and retest, there could be a faulty module.
  4. I had a similar problem when my hd 6770 got to 70C the pc will lock up for 30 seconds then everything will work like nothing happened I fix't it by using afterburner to change my stings so when it will hit 68C the fan will go to 80% now I have no problem.
    O my card is overclocked and so is my cpu.
  5. motherboard-



    RAM 16gb -

    I am going to try its going to be a time consuming process as it takes a while for it to happen.. Is there a possibility that im getting bottlenecked somewhere ?

    my hard drives are not the newwest either:/ the gpu temps last night did not rise over 61c i figured that wasnt to bad?
  6. 61c isn't bad, are we talking in-game or just idle?
    I don't see any compatibility issues, hardware-wise, and I don't see how you could be bottlenecked, your stuff is good, the only thing that I have no clue about is that motherboard lol.

    If your idle temps are 61c try what adamdbz said, modify your fan settings higher than normal, play a game for a while and if you crash it most likely isn't that.

    If SFC /Scannow comes back fine, and your RAM doesn't come up as erroneous either, I'd be out of ideas, sorry man
  7. 61 was in game, sfc scan came back 100% fine im just gonna have to run the ramand see it there is anything wrong there. this has to be the most frustrating thing ever. thinking about a ssd and new mobo!!!!
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