Need compatibility re-checked + any random feedback is appreciated.

Hi everyone...SO this was my first build and I recently upgraded the mobo and cpu and finished tweaking it and everything SEEMS to be running well. I'm just wondering if I could get some upgrade options/feedback for any unforeseen bottlenecks or any thoughts on the specs (good or bad). This build has an "unorthodox" style Crossfire-setup w/ two Sapphire HD6850's @ different clocks and I'm especially curious to know if it will stay stable w/out overclocking or underclocking either card to have both running at same speeds. PS - Sorry this post is so long...I wanted to be as descriptive as possible.

Case: Antec 900 v3 Midtower - tons of space for HSF and my crossfire setup...excellent overall cooling

Mobo: ASUS M5A880-V EVO socket AM3+

RAM: 2x4gb G. Skill Ripjaws (all stock volts/speeds/timings) @1.5v @ 1600Mhz @ 9-9-9-24 (dual channel mode - using DIMM slots 2 and 4 b/c of HSF crowding w/ slot 1, however, the ASUS manual for THIS motherboard said for only 2 sticks in Dual Channel mode or if overclocking - it's better to use slots #2 and #4 instead of #1 and #3...which is good for me, but any ideas why? maybe a little less heat is transferred from CPU and HSF in #2 than if it were in #1 slot, b/c of slightly farther distance? -hope you guys can understand the horrible wording

PSU: Corsair TX750watt - V2 Bronze series I think. - plenty of power for this setup

CPU: AMD phenom ii x4 965 Black Edition @ stock 3.4Ghz (OC from BIOS stable @ 3.8Ghz)

HSF: Cooler Master Hyper212+ .....w/ an extra fan that came with my case that I mounted on heatsink for the 'pull' of the "push-pull config" (FYI: I have it mounted vertically to blow out of the top of the case...regardless of how you mount it, to anyone in the market for an aftermarket HSF - make sure your case is wide enough and also check before you buy if it will crowd RAM in #1 DIMM slot... if your RAM's heat spreaders are really tall then you'll be stuck with only 3 DIMM slots (2,3, and 4)...if you're like me and only use 8 gigs and 2 slots then crowding is ok)
note: using my mobo and RAM....G Skill Ripjaws Series WILL FIT in 1st DIMM slot, but you have to gently slide or just unclip from HS and move both cooling fans farther up the Heatsink and even then the RAM in 1st slot looks like it's touching the Heatsink

and finally, my FRANKENSTEIN experiment Xfire setup...

one Sapphire HD6850 (Vapor-x) in Primary slot (x16 bus) and one Sapphire HD6850 (not Vapor-x) in #2 slot (x4 bus)

....I haven't had any driver problems or crossfire performance issues even though the Vapor-x Edition(just means better cooling and slightly higher factory speeds) is clocked @ 800/1100Mhz and 2nd card (is not a Vapor-x) Sapphire HD6850 @ 775/1100Mhz...both cards are at stock voltages and speeds

Thanks for reading and all feedback is appreciated!
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    If it was up to me, i would've changed the cpu to a 2500k, because i think that cpu will hold down those two gpus on crossfire.
    And i would've searched a motherboard with on pci 16x slot and other 16x or 8x
    you would see a 5-10% performance increase.
  2. @aTastyCookie - Is the 2500k an i3 or i5? I'll explain farther down of why I to the post: This was originally planned to be an AMD budget build, due to the fact that it was my very first attempt and I decided I would rather use cheaper parts just in case anything went horribly wrong :) Luckily, everything went smoothly. I'm not an avid gamer or video editor, so the price/performance ratio of adding a mobo with two true 16x slots and/or change to an Intel cpu and mobo wasn't reasonable for this particular build. However, I've been building for about a year now and have almost 15 builds under my belt(only 3 or 4 Intel builds though) and I'm about to start one for a friend with an $1100 you know of any good combos for any of these components: Intel i5/ASUS(preferably)mobo with two 16x slots/full tower?(he only insisted on an Intel i5, 2 card xfire at 16x both buses, and a full tower...probably gonna go with the fulltower version of my Antec case... i like my midtower so much, but i'm open to other suggestions) So yeah thanks for the reply and I would greatly appreciate anymore info
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