I5 3570k temps too high?

My i5 3570k has been overclocked to 4.4Ghz and it is water cooled, i have an RS360 radiator in push/pull and i have put demineralised water in it. When i run realtemp it shows that at idle the temp is around 33 C, and at load running prime95 with maximum heat, the temps get as high as 100 C running at 4400Mhz. Would the temp readings be inaccurate? if so what are other temperature monitoring softwares which are accurate? also are these temps normal? if not, are there any ways to lower these extremely high temps?
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  1. what program are u using
  2. What software?

    What else are you running in your loop?

    Any reasons on using demineralised than distilled?
  3. When i stress test the CPU i used Prime95 and to check temperatures i used realtemp and coretemp. When i have overclocked it i selected 4.4Ghz on my maximus V Gene mobo and the mobo did the rest in OC'ing.

    I am only cooling the CPU and i am using the XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 water cooling kit.

    And i chose demineralised over distilled because i could not find any distilled online or locally. Should i flush out the system and refill with distilled (if that helps cooling any further)? if so do you know anywhere online where i can buy a 5L distilled water in australia, or know any local shops near me that sell distilled? i live in Brisbane, Australia by the way.
    Or should i buy premixed coolant?

    Oh i forgot to mention one other thing, i don't have a graphic card YET, i am currently running off my HD 4000 CPU graphics at 1920x1080 res via HDMI. Would that by any chance affect the high temperature readings?
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    Have you tried finding a stable lower voltage yet? Ivy Bridge loves to heat up significantly with even the smallest voltage increase.
  5. No, not yet, i will try that now. Thanks for that info
  6. Well... i have tried and did lower voltages and it shaved off an average of 8-10 C and at 100% load running Prime95 torture test for a short while, the temps didn't even hit 90 C. So i'm going to lower voltages a little bit more, stable of course.
  7. have you tried manual OC'ing? To my understanding using built in features of MB for OC'ing sets the voltage to high. Take a look on the link below, its not the same board but still a ROG series and a 3570k is used.

    PS: i am using i7-930 OC to 4.2 at stock voltage and max temps i get is 45C. I am using a CPU only water cooling loop and radiator is RX360.
  8. yes, i just manually OC'ed my CPU. the load temps have been significantly shaved off by 8-10 C meaning that it won't even hit 90 C at 100% load. I have searched around in forums and people have stated that a CPU at 100% load should not go over 95 C. And from my testings, the temps never went over 89 C, is that still too high? should i lower my voltages a little more?
    Also people have said that every CPU is different.
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