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I'm looking to add 2 new cards (SLI) to my build and wanted some help on choosing the best card for my budget. I have 300 to spend on 2 cards. I m an average gamer so don't need nothing to crazy just want something that will run 3 monitors and run BF3 Crysis and games like that.
What do you thinks will be a good card for me...Thanks for the help
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  1. In my opinion, a pair of 6870s will not be bitten at this price point. The only limitation will be the 1gb buffer, which will get you in to trouble in some games (like BF3). Its not any better on the green side as 560 GTX also has 1gb buffer.

    If you are really looking for a dual card set up, I would not go bellow a pair of 2gb 6950s. They will be as fast as any single card out there (or on par with 7970/680GTX) but have the much larger 2gb frame buffer. Unfortunately a pair will cost you $400 or more.

    If you just want a card that will tear up BF3, than I recommend a single 7870. Terrific performance/watt, 2gb buffer, its close to your budget, and you can add another down the road.
  2. My suggestion would be to Check Ebay.. Try to find a GTX 560 ti 448 on ebay and maybe snagg two for 300 or so... I know the 448 cores are a little more than the 560 ti but.... I use 560 ti's but i only use 1 monitor.

    Since you want SLI...You think you can wait for a few more weeks and get a Mid range 600 card. Since a 680 can handle.... 3 monitors plus a 4th for Browsing the web while gaming... I would think the mid range 600 cards are gonna have the ability to run 2 monitors easy then use 2 in SLI
  3. The 560 448 came out a few months ago, good luck finding a pair for a half the price if they are still working propely. Again with a tripple monitor set up ina dmenading game like BF3, you will run it to vram limitations. Both a pair of 6950s or a single 7870 have 2gb which is plenty for now and in the year to come. Best you can do with Nvidia 1.5gb with the 580GTX.
  4. if you could spend $300 per card I wouldn't mind suggesting 2 cards but since you only have $300 to spend I would get the best single card I could get.

    what is the rest of your hardware, monitor and res, what are you doing with the machine ?

    For 3 monitors..... maybe a 2gig 6950/6970/7850/7870...... wait for nvidia to release next batch of more sensibly priced cards and see what they need to run 3 monitors.
  5. Anything less than a 6970 would run out of steam playing BF3 on a multi monitor setup. So again, a single 7870 (OCed preferably) or a pair of 2gb 6950s. The Xfired 6950s would be faster at a higher cost and much higher watt requirement.
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