I wanted to get this but I'm not sure how it works, youtube videos and google browsing I cant seem to find my answer. My question is, It has 2 HDMI Slots on it, now do you plug in your monitor to those to record/or stream, or do just plop it into the pci slot and thats it.
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    Console---->Input of Capture Card------>Output of capture card------->monitor

    That's the idea. :)

    So, you're putting your video from your console into the card, which outputs it back to your monitor. So you can record with software on your computer and play on the outputted video source.
  2. Yeah it took me forever to find a video that explains how it work, I have a BMI that I used for console recording, but since ive invested so much into a PC ( which is so much better than console ) it doesnt get used and I wanted to get something that would be good for PC streaming and PC recording. Thanks for the reply.
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