TDR issue GPU drivers constantly crashing..!?

hey people im having this issue :pfff: with my gpu sometimes when im surfing or watchin a video it randomly crashes n sometimes i even have to reboot also whenever i play a game it crashes again its a GTX 560 TI SOC @ 950 mhz. its factory overclocked has been working fine for 1 year but now its acting strange i cant play any game with it crashing ive reinstalled the GPU drivers still nothing.!ive tried many thing please guys u gotta help me :D
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  1. what is your driver version? try the driver version 295.73, 296.10 is crashing a lot.
    first try the 295,73 is the last WHQL stable drivers if they fixed your problem you can upgrade it to 301.24 BETA this one should be alright too but first try the 295.73 and check if solved your problem..-
  2. ive allready rolled back drivers it doesnt solve the issue...
  3. weird its started working fine after i reinstalled the drivers again...hmm?
  4. yes sometimes you must do a clean install to the driver work properly.

    you know, custom settings, check clean install...
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