How to setup Homegroup over Wi-Fi

hey all,
i have 2 pcs at home.
1 my new comp and 2nd m old lappy
both windows 7 ultimate.

i have a binatone dt845w - wifi modem

due to some conditions i cant connect any of them with wire

1)so my question is how i set homegroup ?
2)can i transfer any file over it ?
3)can i install windows 7 with computer to another ?(reinstall)

i tried making my own, but laptop wont detect it.
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  1. 1) Type homegroup into the search box and it should have create/join homegroup as the top option.
    2) Yes
    3) ???
  2. nvm the 3rd ques

    i have tried creating a workgroup
    but the other comp wont detect it
  3. When you connected to the wireless you did set it to work or home right?
  4. home.
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