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Purchased a Sapphire HD 7770 GHz card from Amazon. Installed last Saturday, had problems with CCC 12.3. Found a 7770 specific CCC setup from ATi (8.xx), so removed ALL of the old drivers, (regedit, folder removal, CCleaner, Drive Sweeper in safe mode, etc), but that didn't show with a right click on desktop. So I re-installed 12.3 and all seemed ok.

GPU-Z shows the following:

GPU @ 34c
Load @ 7%
Core Clock @ 1000MHz
GPU Memory Clock @ 1125MHz
Fan speed @ 60% (altered in CCC)
VDDC @ 1.200v (varies from 0.85v up to this 1.2v max, mostly at max)

Running CCC 12.3.

I have made no overclocks to this card, nor the CPU or RAM. Only had the card installed for 5 days.

Anyone have any ideas as to why I'm getting these graphical glitches? I'm starting to suspect I have a "moody" card.

Tried 3 games to see how they compared to the 4870x2 it had replaced.

Alan Wake - crashed once with temps on the GPU around the 52c @ 60% fan

World of Tanks - crashed several times since card installed. Unable to check temps as it was a full reset required.

SWTOR - crashed twice - again, full reset required.

Also, after installation of the card, seemed to take quite a while to boot into windows. Just hung on the "Starting Windows" screen (win7 pro 64 bit). Had to walk away and go watch something for a couple of hours - came back - windows user login screen was showing. Like it was having trouble with the drivers, but no BSOD. Hasn't done this since though, not to that extent anyway.

Don't think it's anything else on my rig. Built it in December 2011 for the SWTOR launch. Specs are:

Case - CM Storm Enforcer - 2 x 200mm (top & front), 1 x 120mm (rear), PSU draws from under case/exhausts straight out the back

M/B - Asus M5A99X Evo

CPU - AMD FX-4100 @ 3.7GHz /w Gelid Tranquillo (120mm fan in pull config)

RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1300MHz

PSU - Lepa 850w (Seasonic internals I'm led to believe)

GPU - HIS HD4870x2 (at the time of build. Died last week, hence the HD7770 now).

As an interim replacement for the dead 4870x2, I used an ATi X850 XT PE 256MB card, just to get to desktop, browse web, (to look for next GPU and read mail), and this showed none of the symptoms that this card is now.

Think I should just get Amazon to RMA it? I was planning on a second purchase of this card at the end of this month for Cross Fire :ouch:

I'm now wondering whether I should have gone down the GTX 460 route. Overclockers.co.uk have the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 1GB @ £128. What do you think of this card, (would also XF this card if it seems a better option).

Thanking you in advance - otc.
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  1. Seems I forgot to state the actual problem :non:

    When it was first installed, there were coloured lines across the top of the screen, (POST phase), and no POST report came up. it booted into windows, (eventually), and all seemed well.

    Fired up Firefox to search for something and then the screen started "juddering/jumping/flickering" or whatever else you might like to call it.

    It's still doing it now, but I haven't noticed the coloured lines since re-seating the card.

    So, any ideas? Bad card? Would I have been better off with a different card, around the £200 mark, (XF or single)?
  2. Don't know what the problem is, looks like a faulty card. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, but what I want to point out is - you downgraded if you only got one of those cards... The gaming-equivalent of an HD 4870X2 is an HD 7850.
  3. It's not the drivers. The X850XT PE worked fine on them, (for desktop/web work anyway).

    I know this card is a backwards step, but the 4870x2 was 3yrs old, purchased cheaply 2nd hand, only DX10 compatible and this suited my budget last month. Like I said, I intended to buy another of the 7770 at the beginning of May for CrossFire, but, as this one is seeming to be possibly faulty, I'm now wondering whether to do so. Could just be a bad card I guess. Early bugs, poorly paid foreign workers on the production line, wiping their filthy hands all over the cards prior to shipping, just to teach rich westeners a lesson :o , etc.

    I was debating on maybe getting a couple of GTX460's instead, or would a 560 Ti be better?

    IDK what to do for the best :sweat:
  4. As I write this reply, the screen has "blinked" (full black screen for a millisecond), 3 times then desktop came back up. GPU-Z is reading 32c on the card @ 60% fan. Possibly the desktop picture of Dannii Minogue on the beach, wet t-shirt with VERY pert breasts on show is causing the gpu to overload O_O ?
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