Help with first build

Approximate Purchase Date: the next couple weeks

Budget Range: 500-700$

System Usage from Most to Least impotant : gaming, YouTube, searching the web

Parts Not Required: speakers,mouse,keyboard, monitor

Preferred Website(s): newegg, amazon , anything cheap could go to micro center if needed

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: intel i5 3570k so I can use integrated graphics and get a graphics card later on


SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor res: 1600x900 for now

Additional Comments: I will probably be getting a graphics card later on but for now I'm only playing minecraft so I think intel graphics are good for now
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  1. Is your 500-700 budget including the graphics card you will be getting later on, or not?
  2. No this is without graphics card
  3. Full size tower if you have the room. Some Mid size towers can get pretty tight with full size vid cards.

    120gb SSD. OCZ Agility 3 has treated me well.

    8GB RAM if you're a gamer. 4GB would also work depending on budget after other parts.

    I5 processor. No need to get the K series since you won't be OC'ing.

    GTX560 or higher. Or AMD equivalent.

    500Watt PSU.

    I guess the mobo would just depend on features like USB ports and on-board sound since you don't plan to go SLI or OC.

    A standard HDD for storage.

    this system is a bit over 750$. you can get a i5 3570k at microcenter for 189.99 but it is only instore. check out there combos as well
  5. you better overclock with the stuff i included
  6. Ok also I was wondering if a need like special tool set or static wrist thing?
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    Microcenter has the best deals on processors, period. Also they will give you $50 off a motherboard when you buy an i5 3570K or an i5 2500K. It is hands down the best place to get at least the processor and motherboard.

    i5 3570K 3.4GHz - $189.99

    ASRock Z77 Pro3 1155 ATX - $60 with mobo purchase

    Corsair 8GB DDR3-1600 - $58 - a $15 MIR

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 7,200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5 - $85

    Corsair Builder series 500 Watt - $63 - a $5 MIR

    NZXT Classic Series Source 210 - $38 - a $10 MIR

    Windows 7 64 bit - $100

    Samsung 22X DVD±RW Burner - $16

    Total $610 before Mail in Rebates. $580 after MIR

    You can probably get the other components for slightly less elsewhere... but if you want a one stop shopping experience... There you go...

    There is still $ in your budget for a video card... for under $140 you could get a GTX 460 1 Gb.

    Also I assumed you needed an OS... if not $100 extra will get you a very powerful GTX 480 or a GTX 560 Ti

    You can get the same performance out of an i5 2500K. If you get a graphics card the on-board GPU won't make much of a difference.

    Also don't bother with an SSD at this budget range it will only make programs load faster. It does not improve performance once the program is loaded.

    Today only newegg has this shellshoker Deal $60 for a 500Gb Samsung Spinpoint F3.
    Very fast and very reliable
  8. if you are in the states
  9. TheBigTroll said:
    if you are in the states

    OP is in the states and already said was willing to go to Micro Center...
  10. Spicy_benie said:
    Ok also I was wondering if a need like special tool set or static wrist thing?

    If you want... they are cheap. like $2
    As long as you touch the metal parts of the case a lot you should be fine. If you live in a place with lots of static electricity I'd worry more about it...
  11. OP check into my build vs the micro center build the reason why there is money left is because 500gb less hard drive space also he including the price after mail in rebate also his mobo made by same company but it has less expansion options and features than mine also look at the case in my build then look at the case in other build - less cable management options and -no led
    - No USB 3.0 support
    .Basically they are both nice builds so don't think i am saying other is bad and at the end of the day it's your choice so decide if it's worth it to you there both solid builds but you need to look into them before you decide which is better for you in the long run.
  12. Actually the prices I quoted are with and without MIR. The entire rig with almost identical specs before MIR is $610 and $580 after MIR.

    After looking at that drive I'd use the promo code SAMIHD6X at newegg and get the 1 TB Samsung spinpoint F3 for $5 more than the WD blue drive I quoted

    Case preference is largely personal taste. If you want something flashy with LEDs bigcyco1's NZXT Apollo may be right for you. If you want something low key and classy I like the NZXT 210. For me LED lights are a negative.
    USB 3.0 would ony be available on my case with a front panel add-on like this $16 one;
    or a USB 3.0 multi - card reader like this;

    You can get the Motherboard bigcyco1 recommends for $45 less than Newegg at Micro Center if you wanted it. The only difference I can see is that it has a DVI output and 2 less USB 2.0 back ports and 2 more USB 3.0 ports on the back panel. Bigcyco1 board also has 2 extra 6.0 Gb/s SATA ports. I personally don't think it is worth it, as USB 3.0 devices are not very common. USB 2.0 is most prevalent. Spending $30 more for features that don't make your computer run faster and you will likely never use is not a good use of the budget in my opinion.
  13. I really like both of the builds but one final question , when I get money for a cheap 150 or around that gpu what should I go with ?
  14. Spicy_benie said:
    I really like both of the builds but one final question , when I get money for a cheap 150 or around that gpu what should I go with ?

    150 get this though a 6870 for 10-15 bucks more is well worth it ;)
  15. If you can wait it out it's well worth it and you cou could games on ultra/max settings i doubt you would feel the need to upgrade for a quite a long time this card is a monster my friend has it and it's impressive to say the least ;)
  16. If you can stomach a refurbished card this is the best bang for your buck at $119...
    GTX 460 1 Gb 256 bit.
    You can get the GTX 460 1 GB 192 bits for $139.99 and the MIR takes them to $115. But the 256 bit version is faster than those.
    The 460 @ 256 bits is comparable to the 560 @256 bits which run in the $160+ range.
    You could also pick up a GTX 560 @ 192 bits for $130 that would do quite well.

    On the AMD side of things the 6850 costs around $140 and perform like the 192 bit GTX 460
    The 6870s run around $170 less a $30 MIR taking them to $140 They'd perform similiarly to the GTX 560 or 460 256 bit,3107-7.html
    Use this list to compare cards and performance. The tiers are fairly accurate although some card iterations are missing while per-game benchmarks can vary.
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