Is this enough to play newer games?

motherboard: GIGABYTE 78LMT-S2P AMD760G AM3+
processor: AMD ATHLON-2 DUAL CORE 260 3.2GHZ AM3
graphic card: SAPP ATI HD6570 PCIE 2GB DDR3 128BIT
HDD: 500GB 16M SATA-6
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  1. Sadly no, the athlon dual core is not enough to play any of the latest games, it can barely play GTA IV on its lowest settings and it will overheat, you need WAY more ram, at least 4 gb (I recommend at least 8gb) to run all of the latest games, you need a better graphics card and you skimped on your PSU, a big nono

    What is your budget? (so I can configure a better one for you)

    I'm really sorry if I sound too mean, but please, I beg you, don't take the budget option!

    Here are some better budget builds:
  2. Not quite sure how much all of this is, but an ASUS F1A75-v Pro (Approx $110 (USD)) with an AMD A8 3870k (~$120) with 8gb of RAM ($20-$60) should be sufficient to run almost any game on its medium-high setting. Keep in mind that the board is an ATX so make sure the case has enough room. And the APU (Similar to the CPU) has enough power in it to go without a graphics card. Although i would highly recommend a Graphics card to go along. This is also very cheap for the power you get out of the components
  3. Ok, I have configured a full, cpu, mobo, ram, hdd, odd, case, psu, monitor, keyboard, mouse, os, for around $750 if you can afford it:
  4. And your gonna need more than just 2GB of RAM. I'd suggest a 4GB stick or something more than 2. (not 3)
  5. Short answer, YES. On Low Settings. At 720p. But a few of the newest, most intensive games may tell you your PC does not meet minimum requirements.
  6. Looks like one of those PC kits Newegg or Tigerdirect sells. If you have a Microcenter in your area, you can get a i5-3570k for $189 and mother board for less then $100. Trust us that it will run 100 times better then any AMD processor out there.
  7. If you're on a budget get a Sandy Bridge pentium dual core. The g6950 and g6960 are pretty decent CPUs that will be able to handle most games when paired with a good card (I'd reccomend the 7850 since it uses way less power than something like the GTX 560 ti while delivering slighty better performance). Right now I have an old Wolfdale pentium dual core @2.7 ghz and I can run most game just fine. Just don't expect Ultra performance with a pentium dual core, or handling poorly optimized games like GTA IV or really CPU intensive ones like BF3's multiplayer. You can still play a lot of games, mostly stuff that you can get on Steam, like Valve Games.
  8. Okay. So can you suggest something for a budget about $400-$430?
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