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i have a radeon 7850 that i have had for a week. i have noticed a few times it will not wake up when the monitor goes to sleep sometimes. i have had to restart the computer and then i hear the computer fire up and then shut off, then repeat and boot the 2nd time. when it does that, it's almost as if the card is not being recognized on the first restart, then on the 2nd try it is being noticed.

i have OC'd my card from factory settings but nothing major, and it has run stable on the settings i leave it on. to check if the OC was the problem i disabled the OC and my card will still not respond on wake up sometimes, although i must admit, the majority of times it doesn't respond is when the OC is enabled. i don't know if this is just coincidence.

i was using asus gpu tweak because it easily will unlock, but have since stopped using that program hoping the problem would go away, but it doesn't seem to be limited to that program either.

does this sound like a defective card, or could it be an OC problem? the temps on the card have been fine during OC enabling, so i don't see how the card could be damaged from that. is there anything else it could be? btw i am using win 7 64 bit and 12.3 drivers from AMD.

also bought from newegg, hope they will let me RMA easily if that turns out to be needed. i used the dirt 3 game in the box, can i just uninstall when i send back and that's okay?
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  1. dual boot normally is related to bad overclocked systems, normally it adjust the clocks on the second boot, is your overclock stable? it doesn't looks like so, use it with default clocks and check if this happens, don't overclock if you don't know what you are doing. maybe the card clock are to high for its voltage settings that would require increasing it, but increasing voltage will require more power and consequently will generate more heat and can easily damage the card if you increase too much.

    is your CPU overclocked too? this may be a problem with the CPU clocks too.

    what is your PSu brand and wattage?
  2. no OC on the CPU. OCZ 700w PSU. i haven't increased the GPU voltage. the 7850 was running at 1050/1450 fine with CCC as the OC utility. i read i could go higher so i tried 1090/1400 with the asus utility, and shortly thereafter my problems began.

    like i said, i went to stock clocks and still got this problem, so it wasn't all an OC problem. or was it?
  3. well it could be a problem that you created by overclocking, it is very easy to toast the videocard if you overclock it too far without proper testings...

    since the problem started right after you did it, it almost sure that this is your problem. the PSU should be able to handle your gpu properly so it is out of question.

    try another gpu and check if problem occurs if don't probably something went wrong on that overclock
  4. so would you think i damaged the card, or just that it can't handle that overclock? i know what i'm doing on overclocks, temps were fine, never hit 64c on full load testing. unless the RAM got too hot (which is unmonitored), i can't see what problems the OC caused exactly...
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