Where can i get windows 7 if i have a key

Hi, got a windows 7 home premium key with my PC, am thinking of upgrading the HDD.

But how can I install win 7 on it without a DVD (my PC didn't come with one, only the key on a sticker on the side).

Is there anyway to get a download or disc of win 7 that i can use my existing key with?
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  1. While I believe that THESE links on Windows 7 Forums are legal images, as they have a strict policy on piracy issues, you have an OEM key that may not may not activate them since they are retail download 30 day trials.

    The easiest thing to do would be to just copy your drive to the new drive using Todo Backup, which is freeware.

    edit: oh, and make a Windows System Repair disk first -- just open the start button, type repair and select Make System Repair Disk. It just takes one CD, but may be needed to correct the drive that the SRP looks for to boot from when you change drives.
  2. i quite like macrium reflect which is a free tool to do the cloning

    there is a free version available on there website
  3. You can also use windows 7 Back-up (located in control panel) to create a system image of your "C" drive. This image can be placed on a Extrenal HDD, or a set of DVDs. You can then create a "Recovery/repair" Bootable DVD to restore this image to another/New HDD.

    Since you have a valid Liecience Don't think this violates Tom's rules (if it does a Mod can delete.

    YOU MUST have a valid LEGAL KEY, You do.
    You can borrow a Windows 7 DVD and Do a Clean install on the new HDD - MUST use Your key. If windows 7 barfs, do the clean install using Custom install, with out entering the key. When installation is complete follow the steps for doing a clean install using the Upgrade DVD method
    Ref Use Registry edit (workaround 3): http://www.mydigitallife.info/clean-install-windows-7-with-upgrade-media-and-product-key-on-formatted-or-empty-blank-hard-drive/
  4. Ta, its something for the future, i really don't like the idea of not having a physical windows DVD for emergencies! I have emailled Asus support to see if they can provide one!

    I will do a backup of the HD with win 7 backup as a precaution, buts its just not the same as being able to do a fresh install from the DVD, i always find windows gets a bit clogged up after a couple of years and a free install is a good idea.
  5. a friend, a neighbor, the internet, bill gates garage
  6. Concur on getting that install disk from ASUS

    For that periodic re-install , I find this method much better:
    1) Make a seperate partion just for operating system and your programs. Usually for a HDD 200 - > 300 gigs is on the high side, but OK.
    2) Do a clean install.
    3) load all drivers.
    4) Load all programs.
    5) Test every way to sunday to verify operating Great and no problems

    6) Use windows 7 back up to create a Image of your C drive.
    7) Use computer

    8) when the time comes for the Re-install for the "freash look and feel, Use the image created in step 6 - it will Be just as good as a new install, load all drivers, reinstall all programs, But one HE&(*^&* of a lot faster and JUST as Good as the "OLD" fashion method
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