Athlon II X2 Vs Phenom X3

Hi Guys,

I currently have a home server (Server 2008 R2) running on an Athlon II X2 (see specs below). It acts as a file server, FTP server, Crashplan server for 10 computers, and occasionally runs a Minecraft server and Teamspeak. So far it has been able to handle the load fairly well.

A motherboard of ours died and I have a Phenom X3 that is now collecting dust. (specs below).

My question is do you think it is worth taking ten minutes to swap out the Athlon for the Phenom? It will mean a slower clock rate per core, though more cores and ultimately more clock cycles. There is also the L3 cache on the Phenom. I realize these are not new cpus but I don't have much of a home server budget and they are both at my disposal so I want to make the most of what I have.

I do plan on moving to Server 2012 in the near future (already have it running on a testing server and love it) and may utilize Hyper-V.


- Ty
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    It isn't worth changing out.

    The improved architecture from the 2nd generation Athlon processor will cause it to match the 1st generation Phenom in pretty much everything even though the Phenom has an additional core.

    Some things the Athlon will come out ahead and some the Phenom, but they are so close to even I doubt you would notice a difference either way.
  2. Thanks for the reply Raiddin.

    That's been my feeling so far and why I haven't just gone ahead with the swap. My server load isn't too cpu intensive, with Crashplan only occasionally pushing it. I've got six gigs of dual channel DDR2 in it as well so I think I'll leave well enough alone for now until I can make a significant upgrade.
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