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Hi there, I had a Razer Imperator Mouse.

It's Great mouse i've use, but these days my mouse seems had a trouble in the left click.
I'm not trying to fix it or bring that mouse to service center, because I'm decided to buy new one.

I'm trying to find other great mouse to replace my Imperator, Is that any other mouse that you can recomended??
I want my next mouse have same size or similiar size compared to my Imperator.
I Usually Playing FPS game

Any Suggestion i would like to accept.
Thank You Before :love: ;)
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  1. I myself have a Razer Deathadder. I find that 3500 DPI is more than enough for FPS games. It has an extremely long braided cable so you won't be limited in your movements, the buttons are extremely responsive, I find it to be a big mouse which is nice, the buttons are programable, cool lightly, ergonomic. The only thing is it has 2 less buttons (the top two) than the imperator, but if you don't use then than you won't have any issues. The mouse is also light. There is a button underneath to switch profiles which is also handy when it comes to setting but I never use it. Best of all this mouse is only 40 to 50 depending on where you shop :D
  2. i would get a logitech for his good response in mouse cursor and sensivity my personal choice is this
  3. I'm gonna toss the Logitech G400 in the mix. It's comfortable and affordable. I love this mouse. Sad thing is it costs about 1/2 of my Graphics card, still one of the best purchases of peripherals I've ever made :)
  4. Hey there, Joe,

    I have a Razer Imperator too which it replaced my old mouse Logitech G9.

    I replaced my G9 after 4 years of use because it wired was cut off, I admit I harassed the little mousy.

    However I would suggest getting it. G9x is the new one, it just has more DPI than the older G9.

    It has replaceable grip covers.
    One is quite soft with bend at the top for relaxing grip. I used that for general use.
    The other one is lower, and has a rougher surface for better grip. I used that for my gaming, FPS mostly as I am a Claw gripper, It was more comfortable for me to use it for FPS games. Used the other grip for MMORPG games.

    Another great feature the G9x has is that it comes with weights. You can use weghts to make your mouse heavier or lighter to match your gameplay. Personally I didnt use any as I find it comfortable enough as it was. I tried a few and there is a difference if you use them. Great addition.

    Finally you can have up to 3 customizable profiles with 5 different DPI settings. You can add different colour to your profile which is visible on the mouse where the on the fly DPI change buttons are. Easy to know which profile you have on and which setting.

    The profile change buttons is at the bottom of the mouse.

    I can say the DPI change buttons on the mouse are in good position.
    While I was playing my FPS game and I got hold on a sniper I change to a lower DPI on the fly to have a steadier aim. Awesome. You know that the DPI has changed by the Led lights on the mouse changing to the DPI setting. You can have different Led colour for each profile.

    Also it has two mouse scroll mode. One is the hyper scroll. Which has no resistance while scrolling. Good for browsing the internet. Had lost of fun with it.

    Second setting is the click to click which is good for gaming. scroll and stop, perfect for changing weapons.
    More, you can side scroll. again good for web browsing.

    Overall I loved that mouse, It endured my hard mouse clicks. Sometimes during a game with intense clicking, I wondered how it hadn't break yet all this time.

    Lastly my G9 didnt die from the hard clicking. The wire was cut on the mouse between the mouse buttons. It was cut because of the long usage and because I dropped it couple of times and it got hanged. The last hang it cut loose, unfortunately. I also thing it wore off because I use laptop and my space was limited on the desk and the wire didnt have much and it was bend all the time which it might have affected it.

    Now I put it on my shelf with my action figures :P Best mouse I ever had.
    After it died, I wanted to try a different mouse and especially a Razer one.

    I firstly bought the Naga which I found very uncomfortable especially formy style, Claw and very bad for FPS. Hated it in the first 15 mins. Sold it 30 euro cheaper to a friend.

    Finally I bought the Imperator, which is a good mouse, but not as good as my G9 was.

    I am bit disappointed with Razer as my Imperator disconnects sometimes during a game and I have to unplug and replug which might cost me a game match, during LoL game or FPS game. I dont know if you have the same problem. -->>> G9x website.

    So Joe, I 100% suggest you to buy the G9x. It is a great mouse.
  5. My imperator problem it's not disconnect but sometimes the "left" click just stop responding when i click it and even worse it can be double click when I try to click it little hard.

    Any way thank for the advice
  6. I have a Cyborg R.A.T 7. It may be a bit pricey but I am very happy with it. The snipe bitton can come in handy :)
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